Saturday, 8 October 2011

Correspondence 1

Specter: Why have you contacted me?

Turncoat: I need some help.

Specter: With what?

Turncoat: I have a plan. I need someone on the outside.

Specter: The outside?

Turncoat: A runner.

Specter: You're a servant?

Turncoat: Of sorts.

Specter: Why the hell would I trust you?

Turncoat: Because you won't have to trust me.

Turncoat: No part of this plan will involve us meeting or me ever truly finding out who you are. Hell even the part I need your help with I won't be requiring any knowledge of when or how you do it so no chance of leading you into a trap.

Specter: And what is this plan going to accomplish?

Turncoat: It's going to kill a god.

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